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iphone and majic mouseThe iPhone from Apple was first launched back in 2007 and since then we have seen a new generation hit the market approximately one each year. When the iPhone 1 launched, it completely revolutionised what we expect from our mobile phones, acting as a state of the art phone, but also as a mobile web browser and a touchscreen iPod in one device. Suddenly, consumers were not only able to play music, take pictures, make calls and send texts from one handy device, but were also able to use the same advice to check out their favorite websites, shop online, indulge in internet gaming and much more. Some of these things we in the West take completely for granted, but as little as seven years ago, this was a completely radical notion which Apple threw onto the table. As each iPhone generation comes with higher performance capability, more functions and features and higher specifications, things that started ahead of the game have only got better.

The second generation iPhone was released in 2008 at a time when everyone was talking about high speed connectivity and this is exactly what Apple provided. The iPhone 3G was faster and thinner than its older cousin and brought with it support for the launch of the App Store. The following year came the 3GS, an upgrade with focus on media features. This was the first generation of iPhone with video recording capabilities and also featured voice control and a much better camera (3.2MP from 2MP). The iPhone 4 focused more on technological internal upgrades plus included a 5MP camera and high resolution Retina display. The next upgrade concentrated on graphics and contained the all-new Apple A5 processor and an 8MP camera, the best yet. Just as everyone was wondering what could possibly come next in terms of improvements, Apple for the first time focused on the exterior, changing the screen size and the aspect ratio for the first time in the iPhone 5. Today owners of the iPhone 5S or the newly launched iPhone 6 are treated to fingerprint recognition, an improved operating system, more power and of course an even better camera.

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Official iPhone Unlock Reviews

Mobile phone contracts are often made more appealing to the consumer iPhonewith the addition of a ‘free’ handset at the time of signing up for the contract. These handsets are not actually free or even hugely discounted as the customer is then committed to signing a pay monthly contract for a minimum period which can be anywhere between twelve months and three years. Under the terms of the contract, the customer promises to pay a set amount each month, which usually includes a certain amount of messages, minutes and data, and in the case of those contracts which come with handsets, a contribution towards the cost of the handset. At the end of the contract period the customer has pretty much paid for the handset. These deals are attractive to many consumers who want top of the range phones but are not able to pay outright for the handset they want. As the carriers are allowing the customer to effectively pay in instalments throughout the duration of their contract, the SIM will usually be locked to the phone to prevent customers from changing to another carrier until the handset has been paid for at the end of the contract. Once all contractual obligations have been filled, however, UK law allows consumers to have their phones unlocked for use on another network if possible.

In the case of iPhones, consumers are advised to be wary ad perform research before paying to get their handset unlocked. There are various companies both online and in brick and mortar establishments offering iPhone unlocking services which simply run software through a PC or Mac to the phone to gain access to the OS, appearing on the surface as if the iPhone has been unlocked. However, this is only a temporary measure and not an actual SIM-unlock, meaning that it could be reversed by Apple at any time. Consumers are advised to read Official iPhone Unlock reviews to confirm the legitimacy of the procedure. At Official iPhone Unlock all unlocking takes place from the Apple IMEI database and is approved by Apple at the time of the unlock, meaning that it will never be reversed. Online consumer reviews let new customers know that the service from Official iPhone Unlock is ‘flawless’, ‘excellent all round’, ‘the only service that works on the web’ and above all ‘legitimate’.